Frequently asked questions


Do you offer any Gluten Free options?

We now have gluten free crepes and gluten free waffle cones! Also the majority of our ice creams are gluten free.

do you have any gift cards?

Yes, you can choose any denomination you'd like. Our average crepe price is 7$ and a single scoop is $4 if that helps deciding!

What are your vegan ice creams made of?

Primarily coconut milk, cashew cream, and almond milk.

I have nut ALLERGIES, what can I eat?

All of our vegan products are nut based, we use cashews and almonds, and hazelnuts in house. We are not using peanuts.  Our dairy ice creams should be peanut free unless specifically noted. When you get here please alert the staff of your allergy!

why have any dairy based ice creams?

We want to be inclusive, and maybe we can change a few minds in the process. We are certain that if someone who generally doesn't eat vegan ice cream tries it they will like it, and we might as well provide an opportunity. 

I'm having a party, do you do special orders?

Yes! We would love to help you out with a special order, the best time would be before we open on any given day. Call us up and we will see what we can do.